This passage is about the many things kids eat for breakfast.

Lexile Level: 490L

Categories: Sports & Health

What did you have for breakfast today? Many people eat cereal. It is an easy meal to make. You just pour it in a bowl and add milk. Some people slice a banana on top. Cereal is also fun. Sometimes toys come in the boxes. Or it has colorful sugary pieces in funny shapes. Kids even play with cereal. They listen to it snap, crackle, and pop. If children have more time in the morning, they might eat toast. They spread jelly and butter on top. Some kids may cook eggs and bacon. This is a more filling meal. Waffles are another favorite. Kids like to put one drop of syrup in each waffle hole. You can make fresh waffles or buy frozen ones. The frozen ones cook in a toaster. Breakfast helps you start the day off with energy and a full stomach.


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