This passage is about the wonders of the circus.

Lexile Level: 450L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

When the circus comes to town, many children get excited. They beg their parents to take them. Lots of parents get excited too. They like the circus as much as kids do. Clowns make adults and kids laugh. They look hilarious. Their makeup usually makes them look happy. They have colorful clothes and huge shoes. Sometimes their pants fall down. Or fake heavy objects are dropped on their heads. Serious performers are at the circus too. Acrobats balance on high wires. Or they swing on a trapeze. There is a net beneath to catch them if they fall. But it is still thrilling to watch. Circuses also have animals. Someone steps into a cage with lions and tigers. They make the big cats do tricks. Other performers balance on the backs of galloping horses. Or they jump from elephant to elephant. Circuses are for kids of all ages.


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