This passage is about how a quiet walk took an exciting turn.

Lexile Level: 630L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure Mystery

Caroline and her father decided to take an after-dinner walk. It was cold out, so Caroline made sure she was wearing her new hat, scarf, and mittens. She looked forward to these walks with her father. Sometimes they told jokes and raced each other down the road. Other times, they walked quietly and hardly talked at all. Tonight was one of the quiet nights. Caroline could see her breath puffing out before her. She noticed how bright her red gloves appeared against the gray sidewalk. She also noticed a strange shuffling sound as they walked by a drainpipe. Always curious, she stopped to peek inside the pipe. Six yellow eyes stared back at her! Caroline screamed and bumped into her father. He bent down to look inside too and slowly reached his arm in. He pulled out three wet, cold puppies. "Looks like we're going to have to take these guys home. They're very scared," he said. "We can't keep all of them, maybe just one." Smiling, he handed her one of the shivering pups and together they all headed for the warmth of the house down the road.

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