Mountain Top

This passage is about a boy who goes to the top of the tallest mountain he's ever seen.

Lexile Level: 530L

Categories: People & Places Sports & Health

Joe had never seen such a tall mountain before. Not in real life, at least. Looming before him, the mountain looked like a photograph. It looked like the setting for a movie. Even though it was an autumn day, the tip of the mountain was covered in snow. It wasn't very cold down here. How was that possible? He couldn't believe he would be up at the top soon. The thought of being up there made him dizzy. He stepped into a hanging seat that resembled a ski lift. A glass door closed around him and he was heading up the mountain. Joe tried not to look down as the compartment glided up and up. He looked straight ahead and thought about other things. When he got to the top of the mountain, the glass door opened and he stepped out into the thin air. It was much colder up here! In front of him was a restaurant and gift shop. To the left was a rollercoaster that went down part of the mountain. He could hear the passengers laughing and screaming with joy. All around him, the view was amazing. It was as if he was on top of the world. Everything down below seemed so small. Now the mountain looked real and everything else looked like a photograph. After a while of gazing down, Joe realized he no longer felt dizzy.

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