This passage is about a gymnist's first competition.

Lexile Level: 540L

Categories: Sports & Health

Katie was nervous. It was her first gymnastics meet. She had been on the team for almost six months. The coach thought she was ready to compete. There were seven other girls on her team. They had all competed before. They gave Katie tips on what to eat beforehand, how to wear her hair, how to greet the judges. The judges all sat behind a table. They wore suits and looked very serious. Katie's favorite of the four events was the floor routine. She enjoyed the uneven bars and the vault too. She always felt nervous on the balance beam. Unfortunately she was going to have to compete on the balance beam first. She took a few deep breaths and mounted the beam. She was only four feet off the ground, but it felt like twenty. She could feel the judges' eyes on her, watching her every move. She went through her routine with only a few mistakes. Most importantly she didn't fall off! When she dismounted the balance beam, she gave a sigh of relief and hugged her teammates. The worst part was over. Now she could start having fun!

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