Snow Day

This passage is about a boy who is especially happy that it snowed.

Lexile Level: 620L

Categories: Adventure

Johnny pressed the snooze button on his alarm clock three times before he opened his eyes. It was Monday morning, and he was going to have to speak in front of the entire class today about the project he'd been working on. He was very nervous. But when he opened his eyes, a strange glow filled his room. After wiping his eyes, he stumbled over to his bedroom window. He pushed the light blue curtain aside, and his breath caught in his throat. Everything was covered in snow! And it wasn't just a sprinkling either. At least two feet of snow draped over the cars and lay on the ground. Could it be a snow day? Johnny rushed downstairs to find his older brother making chocolate chip pancakes. His mother sat at the table sipping coffee. She smiled at him as he walked in, and he knew it was true. There would be no school today! He would have one more day to work on his project. Maybe he would even rehearse his presentation for his family. He would also play outside, of course. He couldn't wait to call his friends and invite them over. But first, chocolate chip pancakes.

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