This passage is about the first time John went camping with his grandfather.

Lexile Level: 510L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

John's grandfather decided it was time to take John camping. He told John exactly what to wear and pack. On Saturday morning, John was wearing sneakers and pants. He was wearing a warm coat and hat. He brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, water, fruit, and small snacks. He put the food and water in a backpack, along with warmer clothes to sleep in. His grandfather's truck was packed with camping gear. They drove for an hour until they reached the state park. John's grandfather split the camping gear between the two of them. Some of it was very heavy. They headed into the woods. John stopped often to catch his breath. After walking for a while, his grandfather set down his gear. "This is the spot. It's nice and flat. The tent won't be lopsided. There aren't a lot of bumps on the ground. The trees provide shade." He motioned for John to carry his things over to the spot. "Let's get going! And then we can relax." John wasn't sure what lay ahead, but he put his gear down next to his grandfather's and waited for his next direction.


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