The Aquarium

This passage is about Adam, who finds the aquarium is more interesting than expected!

Lexile Level: 640L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

Thomas wasn't very excited for his school trip. They were going to the aquarium. He had never been to the aquarium before, but he had heard about it. People stood around and looked at fish in big glass tanks. Sometimes they talked about the fish. Fish are so boring! He couldn't believe he was going to have to miss gym class for this. Thomas's class was split up into smaller groups. He was surprised by how young and funny his group leader, Adam, was. Adam led them through a room of big fish tanks, but then he took them to another room. Inside this room were sharks! Along with a few shark tanks, there were jellyfish and stingrays. Adam told the group about how dangerous these fierce sea creatures can be. Thomas had no idea underwater creatures had to protect themselves from each other. He also had no idea the aquarium would be so interesting. He couldn't wait to see what fascinating creatures were in the next room!

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