Rainy Day

This passage is about how a girl and her dog spend a rainy day.

Lexile Level: 520L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

It was a rainy Saturday, and Sarah had nothing to do. None of her friends answered the phone. Even her younger sister was busy. Pepper, the family dog, came over to Sarah and lay at her feet by the window seat. After a while of the two of them staring out the window, Sarah stood up and walked toward the door. She grabbed her umbrella and put on her coat and boots. She took Pepper's leash off the hook by the front door. "Come on, Pepper. We're not going to sit here all day." Together they walked around the neighborhood. It was pouring rain, and no one else was around. They ran through the puddles. Sarah splashed around in her boots. Pepper paused to lick some of the rain off the ground. When they got back to the house, they were breathless and refreshed. Pepper shook in the front hallway, trying to dry off. Sarah hung up her wet coat and umbrella. They headed back to the window seat to relax. The rain wasn't so bad after all.

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