Art Class

This passage is about why Nicki loves art class.

Lexile Level: 540L

Categories: Art & Music Adventure

Nicki loved art class. She looked forward to it all day long. She couldn't understand why some of her friends complained about it. To her, it was the only time she felt she could be herself. In art class, there was no wrong answer. There were no timed tests. She liked drawing best. Sometimes she spent hours at home drawing objects in her house. She would sketch flowers, tables, her parents, and their cat. Today she could tell something exciting was planned. Her art teacher, Mr. Martin, was smiling in the doorway. He explained to the class that they were going to have an art show. He had picked several drawings that they had been working on and hung them around the room. He was going to invite their family and friends to come and buy the drawings. The money that the class made would help pay for more art supplies. Nicki was thrilled to see that not one but two of her drawings were hanging on the wall. She couldn't believe it! She was a real artist. Her parents were going to be so proud.

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