Flying a Kite

This passage is about the first time Alice flies a kite.

Lexile Level: 610L

Categories: Adventure

Greg took his little sister down by the water. It was late afternoon. Not many people remained on the beach. To the right, two people were setting up a picnic in the sand. To the left, a man was playing catch with his dog. Ahead of them lay the wide, blue ocean. Alice, Greg's sister, had never flown a kite. Greg decided it was time to learn, and this was the perfect day. There was a slight breeze. The sky was cloudless. He grabbed the end of the string. He let the kite rise up into the sky. And then, motioning for Alice to follow him, he started running down the beach. Alongside the water, the kite glided through the air. After a while, Greg handed the kite string to his sister, and she started running in the opposite direction. She was watching the kite and laughing so that she almost bumped into the dog running to catch his ball. They flew the kite like this until the sky turned a dark blue color. As scents of cooking dinners drifted by them, they headed back home, hungry for a good dinner.

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