Carl's First Run

This passage is about a boy who discovers the benefits of running.

Lexile Level: 450L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Carl decided he wanted to start running. His dad ran every morning. His older brother, Jim, ran every day after school. Carl was curious. He asked his brother if he could try running with him. Jim said sure. Carl put on his sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt. Jim was waiting by the front door, stretching. Carl wasn't sure how to stretch properly, so he imitated his brother. They stretched the backs of their legs. They stretched their backs, necks, and ankles. After they felt ready, they went outside and started walking down the street. After a few minutes, they sped to a slow jog. After a while of jogging, Jim sped up to a run. Carl followed close behind him. He was already getting tired. He couldn't keep up with his brother. He slowed down to a walk. Eventually they both made it back to their house. As they were stretching, Jim explained that it would get easier. He said Carl had done a very good job. Carl felt exhausted but refreshed. He was definitely going to try again the next day.

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