Shooting Stars

This passage is about a girl who sees her first shooting star.

Lexile Level: 640L

Categories: Adventure

Lindsey's science teacher told the class it would be a good night to see shooting stars. She was thrilled, as she'd never seen one. When she got home from school, she asked her family if they could go to the park later that night. Her mother, father, and brother all agreed to go. After dinner, they packed up a blanket and some snacks. When they got to the park, they saw many other families standing, sitting, and walking in the park. They set down their blanket next to one of Lindsey's friends, Amy. Amy was there with her mom and sister. The parents talked about all the meteors, or shooting stars, they had seen before. Soon, "oohs" and "ahhhs" spread through the crowd. Everyone was looking up and pointing, but Lindsey couldn't see anything. By the time she looked in the right direction, she had already missed it. Finally Lindsey lay on the blanket, looked up at the sky, and relaxed. She started seeing the flashes of light shoot across the sky. It was fantastic. "I understand why they're called shooting stars now." She thought. "I understand exactly why."

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