Sandra Cisneros

This passage is about the author Sandra Cisneros.

Lexile Level: 550L

Categories: People & Places Classics & Literature

Sandra Cisneros always wanted to be a writer. She was born in Chicago in 1954 to Mexican parents. One of seven children, she was the only girl. Her family moved a lot and lived in many run-down apartments in Chicago's South Side. She didn't have an easy childhood. However, Sandra managed to get into a good college in Chicago and majored in English. She started writing poems and stories. She wrote a lot about her childhood, about growing up poor, and the life of a Mexican-American. People liked how she wrote. They liked what she had to say. Sandra went on to publish several books of stories and poems. She has traveled the world, teaching others about the importance of writing. Today she lives in San Antonio, Texas. She painted her house purple! Her house has become quite famous for its color. She is still writing. When she writes, Sandra never forgets where she came from. She wants the world to know what it's like to be her.

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