Bill T. Jones

This passage is about the dancer Bill T. Jones.

Lexile Level: 580L

Categories: People & Places Art & Music

Bill T. Jones is a famous African American dancer and choreographer. A choreographer is someone who creates his or her own dances. Bill had a difficult childhood. His family had to move often to find work. They never had a lot of money. He eventually went to college in New York. There, he studied modern dance and ballet. As an African American male, it was difficult for him to be accepted in the dance community. But once people watched him dance, they respected him. He is very talented. Bill formed his own dance company. He has created more than 100 dances for his company. The company has traveled all over the world. Bill has appeared on television. He has also written a book about his life, and other people have written books about him and his dance company. He has won many awards. Many people think he is the most important American choreographer alive today.

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