Bath, North Carolina

This passage is about the interesting history of Bath, North Carolina.

Lexile Level: 600L

Categories: History People & Places

The first city in the state of North Carolina was Bath. The town is over 300 years old. English settlers built Bath on the bank of a creek in 1705. Originally, the town was only twelve houses, a church, and a few other buildings. The creek was full of fish. It provided the townspeople with plenty of food. They also began farming. The most famous person to live in Bath was Edward Teach. He is usually known as Blackbeard the Pirate. When Edward Teach was not in the Bahamas being a pirate, he would live in Bath with his wife Mary. They lived together in a house on Plum Point. It overlooked the creek. Today Bath is still a small town. The townspeople still fish in Bath Creek, and pictures of Blackbeard are all over the town.

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