This passage is about koalas.

Lexile Level: 500L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Koalas are little. They are furry. They look a lot like teddy bears. But they are not actually bears. Koalas live in Australia. They are marsupials. The koala baby lives in a pouch on its mother's body. The word "koala" comes from the old Australian language. It means "no drink." Koalas do drink water sometimes. But they eat eucalyptus leaves. The leaves are full of water. Koalas don't have to come down from the tree for a drink very often. Koalas are one of the few mammals that have fingerprints. Koalas are not closely related to humans. But it is hard to tell the difference between koala fingerprints and human fingerprints even when they are viewed under a microscope.


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