This passage is about a boy who wishes he was a superhero.

Lexile Level: 640L

Categories: Fantasy Graphic Novels & Comics

Jesse loved superheroes. He loved to read stories about them. He wanted to be a superhero and save people. He wondered what superpower he'd have. Being able to fly would be nice. But being invisible would be good too. Even having great strength would be nice if he were a superhero. He also imagined what his costume would be like. Naturally he would have a cape. All good superheroes had capes. He would need to have some sort of mask so that people wouldn't know his real identity. Also he would need a symbol so that when anyone saw it, they would know that a superhero was there to save the day. Jesse knew that in order to be a good superhero, he would have to be smart and strong. At school, he paid attention and did all of his work. During recess, he ran fast and practiced jumping. Jesse knew that he might not ever really be a superhero, but he wanted to try and be as good as one all the time.

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