This passage is about Latisha's first time camping.

Lexile Level: 330L

Categories: History Sports & Health Adventure

Latisha knew she would hate camping. It was cold. It was dark. Her sleeping bag smelled funny. Her father made her come on this trip. He said she would like hiking. He said she would like fishing. That was not the case. The fish were slimy. Walking in boots made her feet hurt. She wondered how the pioneers did it. They slept out here in the wilderness. They did it all the time. They never went back to nice homes in the city. "They were made of tougher stuff than I am," Latisha thought. But then Latisha thought of her father. He worked two jobs to support the family. She thought of her brother who played three sports and got great grades. She thought of herself, who had to avoid trouble every day she walked to school. "I am just as tough as them," Latisha thought. After that, she went right to sleep. She no longer thought of how cold it was. She didn't care how dark it was. She didn't even think about the beetle crawling on her arm.

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