The World Cup

This passage discusses the soccer tournament known as the World Cup.

Lexile Level: 600L

Categories: Sports & Health

The World Cup is a soccer tournament played every four years. Teams from around the world play in this event. There are 32 teams from different countries. The event lasts an entire month. During the first round, each team is placed into a group of four. The team plays three matches in its group. For each win, a team is given three points. For each tie, they are given one point. A team does not get any points if they lose. The two top teams from each group move on to the next round. After this initial round, winners move on and losers go home. This happens until one team is left. There have been 17 tournaments since the competition started in the 1930s. But only seven countries have won the World Cup. Brazil is always a favorite. It has won the World Cup five times.


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