Summer Heat Precautions

This passage talks about things to do during the summer to stay safe and cool.

Lexile Level: 650L

Categories: Sports & Health

The summer can be fun. There are longer days and more free time. However, the summer is much hotter. It is important to drink lots of water. Your body sweats to keep healthy in the heat. Drinking water helps to replace the water you are sweating out of your system. If the water is cool, it will help cool you down. How hot you feel is more than just the degrees that show up on a thermometer. That is why the heat index was created. The heat index is a way to tell how much hotter it feels outside because of the humidity. Make sure you check the heat index. Here are two other ways to protect your body from too much sun. Use your sunscreen if you are going to be outside. Wearing clothing that fits loosely and is light in color is also a good idea. Enjoy the summer sun, but don't forget your water bottle!


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