ESPN and Sports Reporting

This passage discusses the popularity of the channel ESPN over the years.

Lexile Level: 670L

Categories: Sports & Health

The network that has changed sport reporting the most is ESPN. It went on the air in 1979 as a small cable channel. Now it is carried by almost every cable system. It is seen by millions all over the world. The shows are translated in a lot of languages. Many phrases used in sports reporting have been made popular by ESPN. The format of the highlight reel has become associated with ESPN. These short clips from many different sports are put together with commentary from the ESPN anchor. The anchors want to be funny. They also want to make good points. Sports stars hope to be seen on the highlight reel. Sports writers say they watch ESPN in the newsroom. Years ago, the sports report was a three-minute part of the newscast. ESPN has changed all that.


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