This passage suggests ways to stay safe during a lightning storm.

Lexile Level: 720L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Lightning kills about 100 people in the United States each year. More people are killed by lightning than hurricanes and tornadoes. Florida, Texas, and North Carolina have the greatest number of deaths from lightning. It is important to stay safe during a lightning storm. The worst place to be is on an open field, under a tree, or near water. If the time between lightning and thunder is 30 seconds or less, find a safe place. The safest place is a house. Inside the house, stay away from telephones, doors, and windows. A car is the second safest place to be during a storm. It is important to roll up the windows and to not touch the metal parts. Some people think the car's rubber tires protect them from lightning. They are wrong. The metal roof and sides of a car conduct lightning safely to the ground.

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