This passage talks about the different types of ecosystems.

Lexile Level: 710L

Categories: Animals & Nature

An ecosystem is the plants, animals, minerals, and people in one place. It can be a large or a small area. Human beings need six main ecosystems. They are farms, forests, lakes and rivers, meadows, coastal areas, and urban areas. Farms provide our food. We use wood from forests to build. Lakes and rivers are sources of drinking water. Cattle eat the grass found in meadows. Fishing and tourism are important parts of coastal life. Urban areas are good places to find a job or get an education. Humans rely so much on these environments that sometimes they hurt them. In 2005, 1,300 scientists studied the health of the earth. They found that the forest and freshwater ecosystems were in trouble. They asked world leaders to make changes to protect our planet. They told them even small tasks, such as recycling, could help save our planet.

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