Brush Your Teeth

This passage talks about why it is important to brush your teeth.

Lexile Level: 890L

Categories: Sports & Health

How many times have you gone to bed without brushing your teeth? You probably don't think it's that important, but it is. You should brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss them too. Why? Because your health and your breath depend upon it. When you don't brush and floss your teeth, all of the tiny pieces of food you've eaten that day are left on and in between your teeth to form plaque. Plaque not only gives your teeth cavities, it makes your breath stink! You don't want to be talking to a friend or teacher and have bad breath. It's easy to prevent bad breath. The American Dental Association says you just have to brush twice a day with toothpaste that has fluoride, and most toothpastes do. Don't forget to floss, that's really important. Dental floss finds the food particles between your teeth that the toothbrush leaves behind.


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