Road Trips

This passage suggests what to bring and things to do when planning a road trip.

Lexile Level: 930L

Categories: Adventure

Road trips are fun. Plot your route from maps or by the Internet. Getting lost can lead to arguments and wasted time you could have spent at your destination. Snacks and drinks are always good to have along, especially if you are traveling long distances. You may even want to take a cooler with ice, in case you want your drinks to stay cold or eat items that spoil unless refrigerated. The effects of weather on your passengers and your vehicle are also important factors for consideration. If it is winter, prepare your car for snow or low temperatures; if it is summer, you'll need to be sure your air conditioner is working properly. If someone traveling with you has a mobile phone, a full battery means you can make calls when you want. Stop as often as needed to use the restroom or to stay alert. Have coins in case of toll roads.

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