High heels

This passage talks about high heels and how they first came into fashion.

Lexile Level: 940L

Categories: Sports & Health

Today, high heels are worn mostly by women. But this has not always been true. In past years, high heels were worn by fashion-conscious French noblemen. They were also worn by horsemen as a way to keep men's feet in the stirrups. Other than the raised heels seen on cowboy boots, which are worn by both men and women, today high heels are mostly associated with women's fashions. Some women choose to wear high heels because they increase height and visually elongate legs. But many women prefer lower-heeled shoes because they are healthier and more comfortable. Wearing high heels can be painful and can cause permanent damage to women's feet and tendons. They can cause back pain. They can also make it more difficult for a woman to move quickly and easily. In the past fifty years, high heels have gone in and out of fashion for women. Most health-conscious people will always consider the cumulative damage that could result from wearing high heels.


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