Peer Pressure

This passage discusses both positive and negative types of peer pressure.

Lexile Level: 930L

Categories: People & Places

Peer pressure occurs when someone is persuaded by a group to do something he or she would not do otherwise. This can have positive or negative implications. If someone is convinced to do something healthy or good, such as studying for a test, this is considered positive peer pressure. If the activity is unhealthy or could cause problems, such as doing something illegal, it is negative peer pressure. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between good and bad peer pressure, but before agreeing to do something about which you have doubts, you should ask a few questions. First, who is attempting to persuade you? Is it someone who cares about you and your well-being? If not, you should be hesitant to follow that person's judgment. Second, does that person have anything to gain or lose from your decision? If so, can he or she offer you objective advice? Finally, try to anticipate the consequences of your actions. Before giving in to peer pressure, make sure it is in your own best interest.


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