This passage discusses Gettysbaurg and the important battle in the Civil War that was fought there.

Lexile Level: 930L

Categories: History People & Places

In July of 1863, a decisive battle of the Civil War erupted between the Union and Confederacy. The battle occurred on fields and ridges of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Union was victorious. It is said that this battle was the turning point of the war because the Union started winning after Gettysburg. Before, the Confederacy had been having most of the success. Gettysburg was an extremely difficult and treacherous battle. The soldiers fought for three days in miserable summer heat. Many soldiers died and many more were wounded. After the battle, the battlefield was made into a military cemetery and a memorial. Later, in November 1863, President Abraham Lincoln made an important and memorable speech at Gettysburg, which is now called Gettysburg Address, honoring the brave soldiers who died and to remind people that the war would bring freedom to all of America's citizens.


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