This passage describes what an ecosystem is and gives examples of different types of ecosystems.

Lexile Level: 910L

Categories: Science & Technology Animals & Nature

Ecosystems are communities of living things that are made up of different shapes and sizes and live in a particular type of environment. Parts of an ecosystem include plants, animals, and other smaller organisms. In order for ecosystems to survive, there must be a balance between all the forces within the ecosystem. There are many sizes of ecosystems. A lawn in front of a house can be considered an ecosystem. Lakes and mountains are also considered ecosystems. The desert is another example of an ecosystem. There are no separations between these different types of ecosystems, and often they are right next to one another. The environments of lawns, lakes, and deserts are all very different, and the types of animals and plants who live in them vary as well. Plants and animals near lakes, for example, use the large water supply available. The earth can be considered one large ecosystem.


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