This passage describes what a tsunami is and what you can do to survive one.

Lexile Level: 960L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Tsunamis are larger than normal waves in the ocean that often cause great damage when they come on land. The word tsunami comes from a Japanese word meaning "harbor." Ships come into a harbor when people want to come to land. Often the harbor was one of the most affected areas of a tsunami. Tsunamis are caused by large movements, often underneath the ocean, such as earthquakes or underwater volcanoes that can erupt. This type of movement of land underneath water can cause water to move. Depending on the force of this movement, tsunamis can be large or small. Sometimes tsunamis happen far from land and go unnoticed. It is possible to survive tsunamis if people have enough warning that they are coming. Much like hurricanes, people can evacuate or leave their homes if they know a tsunami is coming. Climbing to higher land and waiting until water decreases can keep people safe.


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