Endangered Species

This passage discusses endangered species and what causes them to become endangered.

Lexile Level: 990L

Categories: Science & Technology Animals & Nature

Endangered species are animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. Extinction means that there are no longer any living animals of a particular kind. For this reason, when there are only a few of a particular type of animal in a specific area, a government agency often identifies it as being endangered, or in danger of dying out. Animals can become endangered because people hunt them for their value. Other types of human behavior can also cause harm to animals such as boat usage in lakes, rivers, and oceans. The propellers of boats can harm certain types of animals in the water. Damage to certain places where animals live can also make it difficult for animals to survive. Disease and pollution can also eliminate animals. The more animals that are endangered, the fewer animals there will be. Supporting programs to protect threatened animals and the environment is very important.


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