Mobile Technology

This passage discusses the benefits of cell phones and how they have improved over the years.

Lexile Level: 1160L

Categories: Science & Technology

Mobile technology, or cell phones, makes communication between people much easier. In the late 1980s, most mobile phones were still in the form of large phones carried in bags with long cords to charge them. These phones had buttons on the top of their handsets and were very expensive to buy and use. As it became cheaper to make mobile phones, they reduced in price and size making it easier for more people to have them. People can walk, talk, drive, or jog with their phones because of technology. Mobile technology works by signals transmitted from the mobile phone, also called a handset, to a local tower. These towers allow signals to transmit from phone to phone and for people to talk at any time of day or night. When a phone has no signal, no calls can be placed because there is no tower receiving the dialed information.


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