Adventure Racing

This passage describes the sport of adventure racing.

Lexile Level: 1030L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Adventure racing is a coed, team sport that requires a unique combination of skill, determination, and stamina. Adventure racing combines several disciplines, such as running, navigation, mountain biking, climbing, paddling, and others. There are different types of adventure races. The shortest races are called sprints. These races last only two to four hours and don't require much navigation. Endurance races last between four and twelve hours. The most challenging adventure races are the multi-day and expedition races. In a typical expedition race, each four-person team might have to run, bike, paddle, climb, and swim on a route that covers as many as 450 miles. Some races allow support crews to carry the equipment the team needs to complete the race. In other adventure races, the team members have to carry all of their own food and gear. With so many different disciplines involved in each race, that adds up to a lot of stuff to carry.


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