This passage discusses the origin of the surfboard.

Lexile Level: 1000L

Categories: Sports & Health

Today's surfboards are very different from those used by the first surfers. The first surfboards were carved out of solid wood. They were thick, wide, and some were over 15 feet long. They were also very heavy, which made them difficult both to maneuver and to carry. Modern surfboards are made by covering a lightweight foam core with layers of fiberglass cloth and a polyester or epoxy resin. Unlike the early boards, modern surfboards also feature one or more fins on the bottom, which helps make them easier to turn. Surfboards come in a variety of styles. Longboards have rounded noses and are 9 feet long or longer. Due to their stability and buoyancy, they are popular for use in smaller surf. Shortboards have pointed noses, are thinner and narrower, and are highly maneuverable. A relatively recent addition to the modern surfboard family is the Mini Mal or fun board, which shares characteristics of both the longboard and the shortboard.

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