This passage discusses how to build a large and intelligent vocabulary.

Lexile Level: 1050L

Categories: Classics & Literature

An easy way to impress others with your intelligence and the level of your education is to build an extensive vocabulary. In addition, academic success comes more easily to those who have strong vocabulary skills. One of the easiest ways to improve your vocabulary is to read. There are exciting and intriguing words to master nearly everywhere you go. You can read books, magazines, website postings, newspapers, or even menus and discover words with which you may not be familiar. Whenever that happens, take the time to learn the definitions and connotations of those words. The best way to retain that information is to start using those words in everyday conversations, where you may discover even more new words. You can also gain words to enhance your vocabulary by playing word games. Crossword puzzles are an excellent way to find new words. Anyone with interest in words can find numerous advantages to building an effective and impressive vocabulary.


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