This passage describes the proper clothing to wear during winter months.

Lexile Level: 1100L

Categories: Sports & Health

An important key to staying warm and comfortable when you're outside during the colder months is dressing properly. That may sound like obvious advice, but there's more to dressing properly than just wearing a heavy coat. If you're engaged in strenuous activity, you can work up a sweat even in winter. That sweat can soak your clothes, and wet clothes won't keep you warm. The trick when dressing for active winter sports is layering. Layering means wearing one or more thinner layers of clothing under a windproof outer garment. The first layer next to your skin should be made from a lightweight, breathable material that won't absorb moisture. Silk and a variety of synthetic materials are ideal. Cotton isn't suitable because it retains moisture and will actually draw heat from the body when wet. A fleece pullover or wool shirt makes an excellent next layer. Topped with a jacket or parka, this combination allows you to add or remove the middle or outer layers as needed to regulate your comfort.


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