This passage discusses the use of backpacks.

Lexile Level: 1110L

Categories: Sports & Health

A backpack can be a very convenient way to carry books and school supplies that you need with you. It is important, however, not to put too much into your backpack because too much weight can put strain on your back, shoulders, and neck. This can cause significant muscle pain. It can also cause the development of long-term spine problems. If you always carry your backpack on the same shoulder, it can cause muscle imbalance. To avoid developing these problems, you should make certain that the backpack itself is made of a lightweight material, and you should not overload your backpack with too much weight. Using a backpack with two padded shoulder straps will cause less muscle strain, and a waist or hip strap will also help. Best of all is a pack with wheels so that you can pull, rather than carry, what you need. Remember to use your backpack properly, and then carrying your books and supplies will be easier and more convenient.


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