Online Shopping

This passage discusses the benefits and dangers of shopping online.

Lexile Level: 1110L

Categories: Science & Technology

Online shopping can be the most convenient way to find the latest styles at the best available prices. It can also be a very dangerous way to shop if customers aren't careful. With online shopping, it is possible to find certain items that local stores may not carry in their inventories. It is also possible to comparison shop. This allows customers to determine which buy is best in terms of price, shipping and handling fees, return policies, and delivery time. However, any time customers provide personal information, such as credit card numbers, addresses, and phone numbers to online sellers, that information may be available to others as well. To protect yourself when shopping online, use only secure sites. If possible, use a secure online payment service. Check the website's privacy policy for more information, and never store personal information on your computer. Be sure that the risks of online shopping are not greater than the convenience before you shop.


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