This passage discusses the habit of snacking between meals and suggests healthy things to eat if you have to snack.

Lexile Level: 1190L

Categories: Sports & Health

Eating three meals a day may sound like a good plan, but many of us get hungry between meals and want a snack of some sort. A quick trip to any grocery store will show that Americans love snacks. Many store shelves are devoted only to different varieties of chips, candy, cookies, crackers, and frozen treats. While all of these may seem appealing, it would be smart to choose healthier snacks when eating between meals. If you crave something sweet, fruit is a good choice. Also, a banana or a bunch of grapes is much better for you than traditional potato chips. If only a crunchy snack will suffice, try carrots or celery sticks. If you choose to buy a packaged snack, such as trail mix or granola bars, make sure to read the label carefully so that you do not consume excessive fat, sodium, or sugar. Eating between meals does not have to be unhealthy if you choose the right snacks.


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