This passage discusses the options to consider before getting a pet.

Lexile Level: 1140L

Categories: Animals & Nature

It is tempting to choose the adorable, long-haired kitten or the clumsy, large-pawed puppy when selecting a family pet, but a wise pet owner will look beyond initial cuteness to long-term suitability. How will that kitten's hair impact family members when it becomes a full-grown cat? Is that puppy's cute clumsiness a predictor that size could present family challenges? Before choosing any animal to join one's household, it is important to consider as many consequences as possible. Will the pet introduce allergic reactions in any family members? Who will be responsible for cleaning up after the animal? Who will be responsible for maintaining its health and well-being, as well as the expense of these factors? Are family lifestyles flexible enough to include a non-human member of the household? Although kittens and puppies can be nearly irresistible, the benefits of resisting until all factors are considered are significant and should not be ignored.

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