Lance Armstrong

This passage discusses the career of cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Lexile Level: 1210L

Categories: People & Places Sports & Health

On July 24, 2005, American cyclist Lance Armstrong became the first person to win the Tour de France bicycle race seven consecutive times. Repeatedly hailed as the best male athlete in the world, Armstrong retired from professional cycling after winning the 2005 Tour de France. Armstrong's professional cycling career did not begin as successfully as it ended. In fact, Armstrong came in last in his very first professional race in 1992. Instead of giving up, he went on to win the World Cycling Championship in Oslo, Norway the following year. Armstrong continued to rack up several other major cycling wins until he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. Given only a three percent chance of survival by one of his doctors, Armstrong underwent successful surgery and chemotherapy. He resumed training, and in 1999, Lance Armstrong won his first of seven tours. Despite his impressive record of cycling wins, Armstrong says he is most proud of his victory over cancer.


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