This passage describes the components of rap music.

Lexile Level: 1290L

Categories: Art & Music

Rap music, also known sometimes as hip hop music, generally has two main components. One component is rapping, in which one or two rappers either tell a story or express their feelings about something. The stories are often semi-autobiographical, meaning they are at least partly about the rapper's own experiences. The other part of rap music comes from a DJ, or disc jockey, who provides background audio mixing called "the beat." DJs may sample, synthesize, or perform parts of other songs. This type of music emphasizes a strong but subtle rhythmic structure that can sometimes feel more relaxed than classic rock music. Rap music is considered part of the hip hop culture, which promotes its own value system, as well as its own style of dressing, talking, and artistic expression. Although it is often controversial, hip hop music has widespread popular success among young people of all backgrounds.

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