This passage discusses why people are choosing to stay home to watch movies instead of going to the theaters.

Lexile Level: 1320L

Categories: Art & Music

With the increasing costs of big-screen movie tickets, it may be more and more tempting to stay home instead of going out to movie theaters. Not only have ticket prices increased, it also costs more to buy popcorn, drinks, and other snacks at theater concession stands. In addition, it is easier than ever before to rent recent releases on DVDs. In fact, movie rental companies will even deliver selected movies to subscribers' mailboxes for a small monthly fee. Convenient postage-paid return envelopes are provided as well. With "on demand" options provided by many cable television companies, it may be possible to order movies at home for significantly less than it will cost to see them at theaters. While some movie fans will claim that there is no substitute for the big-screen experience, many people are finding it more attractive to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes.


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