Worker Bees

This passage describes the job of the worker bees in a bee colony.

Lexile Level: 460L

Categories: Animals & Nature

A honey bee colony has around 50,000 workers. Workers have a busy life. Workers spend lots of time collecting nectar. They need nectar to make honey. Workers get nectar from flowers, like dandelions. They drink it and store it in their "honey stomachs." Honey bees have two stomachs. Their honey stomach is like their backpack. When it fills up, workers return to the hive. Workers visit hundreds of flowers to fill their backpacks. Workers have other jobs too. Workers have to feed the queen. The queen stays in the hive. She never leaves. Workers also have to keep the hive cool. Workers do this by fanning their wings. Workers can fan 11,400 times per minute. Their fanning makes a buzz sound. Workers protect the hive. They guard the entrance. Workers also make wax comb for the hive. Workers do a lot in their lifetime. They usually live only 28 to 35 days.

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