This passage describes how the sport of baseball began being played.

Lexile Level: 430L

Categories: History Sports & Health

Americans were playing baseball in the early 1800s. They played with local rules. They had informal teams. Baseball was similar to a popular English game. It was called "rounders." There was one big difference between rounders and baseball. In rounders, a fielder got a base runner out by hitting him with the ball. In baseball, a base runner got out by being tagged. In 1845, some players got together in New York City. They made official rules for baseball. Baseball became an organized sport. By 1860, it was America's favorite game. Many baseball teams were formed. Most teams were in New York City and Brooklyn. These teams were amateur teams. The players didn't get paid. They weren't professional players. Harry Wright changed that. People call him the "Father of Professional Baseball." He managed the Cincinnati Red Stockings. They were the first professional team. A few years later, the major leagues began.

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