This passage discusses ways to improve reading ability.

Lexile Level: 1140L

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Just like any other skill, reading ability improves with practice, and few skills can provide as much access to pleasure and success as reading. One of the best exercises to improve reading is simply to learn to push one's reading rate. Some people fear that reading more quickly will lead to decreased comprehension, but the converse is actually true. Several studies have shown that as an individual's reading rate increases, so does the level of comprehension. Faster reading necessitates greater focus and allows for fewer distractions. Fast readers also make fewer regressions. A regression occurs when a reader loops back mid-sentence or mid-paragraph to reread context already viewed. Regressions create less logical input scenarios, which are more difficult for the brain to interpret. Therefore, fewer regressions allow the reader to process content more effectively. Readers should not be afraid to move as quickly as possible through texts with the confidence that this approach will only allow them to garner more from the material at hand.


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