Appetite and Food Color

This passage describes how the color of certain foods affects our appetite.

Lexile Level: 630L

Categories: Sports & Health

Blue food is rare in nature. It isn't a dominant natural food color. There are no leafy blue vegetables. There are no blue meats. As a result, we don't think of blue food as appetizing. Appetite and color are closely related. Food researchers say that blue is an appetite suppressant. We don't want to eat when we see the color blue. Blue, like black and purple, sends us a warning message. It tells us when food is rotten. Molds are these colors and make us sick. No one wants to eat moldy cheese or moldy bread. Weight loss experts suggest putting food on blue plates. They also suggest putting a blue light in the refrigerator. Food companies avoid making blue-colored food products. Blue-colored food products don't sell well. Consumers rarely buy them. This means that some food products fail not because of their bad taste or smell, but because of their appearance.


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