Jill Scott

This passage discusses singer Jill Scott and the ways in which she is helping people in her community.

Lexile Level: 690L

Categories: People & Places Art & Music

Jill Scott is a popular female singer. She was born in Philadelphia in 1972. She started out her career as a poet and writer. She loved using words to express her feelings. She was discovered by the group The Roots. They collaborated with her on the song "You Got Me", which made her famous. Since then, she has made several of her own albums. Jill didn't let stardom change her. In fact, she is using her fame and fortune for a good cause. When she was growing up, she struggled to have enough money. While at college, she had to work two jobs in order to pay for her tuition. Because of her experience, Jill decided to start the Blues Babe Foundation. This foundation will help young minority students pay for college. She wants to help people between the ages of 16 and 21 achieve their dreams. She believes that nothing is impossible, and she wants to help as many people as she can. Jill Scott is a not only a talented singer and writer, but a caring person too.

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