This passage discusses the mental and physical benefits of exercise on the body.

Lexile Level: 680L

Categories: Sports & Health

Do you know how important it is to exercise? Physically, exercising helps you in so many ways. It helps your muscles get stronger. Your bones, heart, and lungs get stronger too. It keeps you feeling fit and healthy. It keeps you at a normal weight. Mentally, it helps in many ways. It helps you feel more relaxed and less stressed. After exercising, you sleep better and feel happier. This is because while exercising, your brain releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that make you feel happy. Also, exercising with others can be very fun. Some easy, free ways to exercise are riding a bike, climbing stairs, taking a walk with a friend, or running with your dog. Joining a sports team is another great way to get some exercise and meet people. Staying in shape is fun, free, and easy to do, and will make you feel better in so many ways!


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